Sustainable Campus

Illuminating scope for action and utilizing untapped resources: Ruhr-Universität is consistently committed to greater sustainability. This must also apply to the buildings and the campus. How can they be designed to be energy and climate neutral? What can the RUB community contribute? How can a sustainable everyday life on campus succeed?


The buildings are owned and rented by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The institutional framework restricts many options. But the task now is to illuminate room for maneuver. The potential is far from being fully exploited.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel, Sustainability Officer of the RUB

Green Campus 2030

As an organization, Ruhr University is committed to sustainability in the broadest sense. This includes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the sustainable design of the campus, a sustainable mobility concept, the reduction of energy consumption, the expansion of renewable energies and the implementation of a waste and circularity concept.

Good Practices

Many facilities on campus are making efforts to become more sustainable. We report on their progress.

Grünpflanzen ranken das Treppenhaus der Unibibliothek entlang
How the university library is becoming more sustainable
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Nachhaltige UB

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Frau und Mann sitzen auf Couch
How to save resources in everyday office life
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Tips and tricks from the community

How can I be mindful of living more sustainably in my everyday life and on campus?

Hand mit Gänseblümchen
Sustainable living on campus
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