Studying Sustainability

At Ruhr University you can live and study sustainability! Whether in the undergraduate program, the subject-specific master's program or in the form of our sustainability certificate: students acquire knowledge and skills at Ruhr University to help shape the change towards a sustainable future in an informed way.

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Study programs

At Ruhr University, we offer a variety of degree programs that address aspects of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Advisory service

The Bachelor's and Master's programs that deal with sustainability topics include Environmental EngineeringGeography and Management and Economics, as well as the Master's program Transformation of Urban Landscapes.

Information on specific course contents can be obtained from the student advisors or subject advisors:


In the longer term, new courses of study are to be created that deal with sustainability topics, for example Sustainable Engineering or Sustainable Economics.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel, Sustainability Officer of the RUB

Interdisciplinary offer

Even outside of a degree program, it is possible at Ruhr University to acquire additional qualifications in the field of sustainability while studying and across disciplines.

Sustainability certificate

Since the summer semester of 2023, all students at Ruhr University have the opportunity to acquire a sustainability certificate. A fixed component is a lecture series in which researchers and teachers from different disciplines present their approaches for a sustainable future.

Optional Modules

The optional area offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and scientific deepening on the topic of sustainability.

  • In the module catalog of the optional area you will find what you are looking for.

Interdisciplinary teaching initiatives on campus.

Interdisciplinary research associations such as CURE and ZUM have made it their goal to expand their teaching offerings for students on the topic of sustainability. The research training group ADAPTED prepares young researchers for a career in development research and development work.

Degree theses

At selected chairs, students have the opportunity to write theses on sustainability topics. The Green Office will put you in touch if you are interested.

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Own ideas for a project or degree thesis

Do you have your own ideas for a project or thesis and/or are you already working with a chair?

Then please feel free to contact the Green Office at: nachhaltigkeitsbü

Student engagement

Whether in the Student Garden, the Repair Café, or the Green Office: For many years, the student community of the Ruhr-Universität has been committed to more sustainability on and off campus. This also includes initiatives such as Students for Future, Enactus, youngperspectives or the ABU university group Bochum.

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